§ 1-1-1. Designation and citation of Code.  

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  • The provisions embraced in this and following Chapters, Articles and Sections shall constitute and be designated "The Code of the County of Fairfax, Virginia, 1976" and may be so cited. The Code may also be cited as the "County Code" or in the provisions which follow, as "This Code." 2 (1954 Code, vol. 1, § 1-1; 1961 Code, § 1-1.) []

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    1. Editor's note: Fairfax County is governed under the Urban County Executive form of government as set out in Va. Code Ann., Sec. 15.1-728 thru Sec. 15.1-740. The decision to adopt this form was made by voters at referendum in the fall of 1966, and the change became effective January 1, 1968.

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    2. As to codification and recodification of ordinances generally, see Va. Code Ann., Sec. 15.1-37.3.