§ 5. Plan for Stormwater services and facilities.  

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  • Stormwater Service District staff, contractors and community volunteers will collaborate to perform the watershed planning and monitoring functions as well as the public outreach and education activities. Stormwater Service District staff and contractors will perform the design, construction, maintenance and operation of County owned stormwater facilities. Stormwater Service District staff will perform the flood emergency response function in partnership with federal, state and other county agencies.

    Program operations, Inspections and repairs associated with the maintenance and monitoring functions will be conducted in accordance with Fairfax County's authorized level of service. Capital project design and construction will be in accordance with the Fairfax County Public Facilities Manual, the Fairfax County Capital Improvement Program and the Stormwater Annual Work Plan prepared in consultation with the Board.

    Levels of service and resource needs will be evaluated periodically for consistency with Stormwater mandates, Stormwater Service District needs and reinvestment priorities. (19-09-O.)