M-23. - Hillside Community Parking District.  

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    District Designation.


    The restricted parking area is designated as the Hillside Community Parking District.


    Blocks included in the Hillside Community Parking District are described below:

    Hillside Road (Route 1031)

    From 230 feet north of Moverly Court (the southern boundary of parcel 78-4((17)) J) to 525 feet south of Moverly Court (the northern boundary of 79-3((06))27, Pohick Stream Valley Park).

    From Rolling Road to Selwood Place.

    From Selwood Place to the southern boundary of parcel 78-4((17))J.


    District Provisions.


    This District is established in accordance with and is subject to the provisions set forth in Article 5B of Chapter 82.


    Parking of watercraft; boat trailers; motor homes; camping trailers; any other trailer or semi-trailer, regardless of whether such trailer or semi-trailer is attached to another vehicle; any vehicle with three or more axles; any vehicle that has a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,000 or more pounds except school buses used on a current and regular basis to transport students; any vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver, except school buses used on a current and regular basis to transport students; and any vehicle of any size that is being used in the transportation of hazardous materials as defined in Virginia Code § 46.2-341.4 is prohibited at all times on the above-described streets within the Hillside Community Parking District.


    No such Community Parking District shall apply to (i) any commercial vehicle when discharging passengers or when temporarily parked pursuant to the performance of work or service at a particular location or (ii) utility generators located on trailers and being used to power network facilities during a loss of commercial power or (iii) privately owned vehicles temporarily parked on a public street within any such District for a maximum of 48 hours for the purpose of loading, unloading, or preparing for a trip or (iv) vehicles owned or leased by a public agency.


    Signs. Signs delineating the Hillside Community Parking District shall indicate the following:

    Trailers, Motor Homes
    Vehicles ≥ 3 Axles
    Vehicles GVW ≥ 12,000 lbs.
    Vehicles ≥ 16 Passengers


    (4-06-M; 7-08-M-23; 37-08-M-23.)

(4-06-M; 7-08-M-23; 37-08-M-23.)