§ 1. Exempt Entities

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  • (a) NOVACO. The Northern Virginia Coalition (NOVACO) is hereby exempt from Real and Personal Property taxes that may be assessed on the following properties:

    (1) 8509 Barrington Ct., Apt. R, Springfield (079-1-1304-R)

    (2) 5811 Cove Landing Rd., #304, Burke (077-2-16-06-0304-A)

    (3) 10204 Bushman Dr., #302, Oakton (047-4-16-12-0302)

    (4) 3320 Woodburn Village Dr., #T2, Annandale (059-1-29-18-0002)

    (5) 12103 Greenwood Ct., #144, Fairfax County (046-3-15-0144) (mailing address #102)

    (b) The effective date of this exemption is July 5, 2011 (date of acquisition).

    (c) This exemption shall be effective as long as NOVACO continues to hold an Internal Revenue Code non-profit designation of 501(C)(3) and uses the properties in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance. (33-11-T.)