§ 8.1-2-1. Definitions

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  • For the purpose of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given:

    (1) Alarm company: Any corporation, partnership, business or individual, operated for profit, engaged in the business of the installation, maintenance, alteration, servicing, or monitoring of an alarm system or which responds to such alarm systems.

    (2) Alarm registration: A registration issued by the County to an alarm user allowing the operation of an alarm system within the County.

    (3) Alarm response: Any response to a premise by the Police Department as a result of an alarm signal.

    (4) Alarm signal: The activation of an alarm system resulting in a request for an alarm response regardless of cause.

    (5) Alarm system: Any assembly of equipment, mechanical or electrical, designed to signal an occurrence of robbery, burglary, unauthorized entry, or any other circumstance requiring urgent attention and to which police are expected to respond. Alarm system does not include fire alarms, or alarms installed in motor vehicles, boats, or aircraft, except those motor vehicles permanently located at a site such as office or storage trailers.

    (6) Alarm user: Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind who or which purchases, leases, contracts for, or otherwise obtains an alarm system, or the servicing, maintenance or monitoring of an alarm system from an alarm company.

    (7) Automatic dialing device: A device which is interconnected to a telephone line and is programmed to a predetermined telephone number and which automatically transmits by recorded voice message or signal the existence of a hazard requiring urgent attention and to which police or fire fighters are expected to respond.

    (8) County Executive: Shall mean the County Executive or his designee.

    (9) False Alarm: Any alarm signal that

    (a) Elicits a response by police personnel; and

    (b) For which there is no evidence of criminal activity to justify a police response.

    False alarm shall not include police response to an alarm signal that is canceled by the alarm user or his agent prior to the arrival of police personnel at the alarm location.

    (10) Person: Shall mean any individual, group of persons, firm, partnership, association of any kind, company or corporation.

    (11) Police Department: The Fairfax County Police Department.

    (12) Protected premise: Shall mean the premises upon which an alarm system has been placed for the purpose of detecting a hazard as described in Section 8.1-2-1(4).

    (13) Twelve-Month Calculation Period. Shall mean the twelve- month period of time, commencing with the date of registration issuance, or for non-registered alarm systems, the date of the first false alarm response, that shall be used for calculating violations of Sections 8.1-3-9 and 8.1-3-10. (31-98-8.1.)