§ 64-2-3. Abandoned or discontinued work

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  • (a) Should any person to whom a permit has been issued for mechanical work abandon the work for any reason, the permittee shall immediately notify the Building Official in writing and no work shall be performed by any other party pursuant to the permit.

    (b) If a permittee abandons an installation after work has been started, the permittee shall remain responsible for any violations unless and until a new permit is obtained to proceed with the work. The person who subsequently proceeds with the installation shall secure a permit for the entire job and shall be responsible for all work.

    (c) Before obtaining a mechanical permit to perform the work for which a permit has been issued to any other person, an owner or new contractor shall notify in writing the original permittee. The responsibility for all mechanical work under the new permit shall be with the new permit holder. (10-84-64; 2-94-64; 14-95-64; 17-98-64.)