§ 3-1-9. County Civil Service Commission; quorum; qualifications; term of office; compensation; political activities; removal of members and staffing  

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  • (a) The County Civil Service Commission shall be composed of 12 persons who are qualified voters in the County, who have had broad experience in management or public affairs, and who are in full agreement with the application of merit principles in public employment. At least three members of the Commission shall be male, three members shall be female and three shall be a member of a minority group; provided that three members shall constitute a quorum for hearing an appeal whether or not any seat on the Commission shall be vacant, and two of the three members of a panel must vote in favor of a party or its position on a motion or objection for that party to prevail. Each member of the Commission shall be required to attend annual training on pertinent matters, including, but not limited to, the content of Personnel Regulations and procedural memoranda, the conduct of appeal hearings, and the evaluation of evidence.

    (b) The Commission shall meet in panels of three members each as needed to conduct panel hearings to hear and decide those matters determined to be grievable under the grievance procedure. Members of the Commission shall receive a fee for attendance at panel hearings and at public hearings in an amount as set by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. The Commission shall, conduct panel hearings in a timely manner and such panel hearings shall be held whenever possible during the County's regular business day. Members of the Commission shall be required to attend such panel hearings to which they have been assigned at the designated time and place. Failure to regularly attend such meetings shall constitute good cause for removal pursuant to part (f) below.

    (c) Members of the Commission shall hold no paid office or employment under the government of the County, or in any other public agency for which the Department of Human Resources provides personnel services in accordance with § 3-1-1(c)(2) of this Article, while serving as members of the Commission.

    (d) Members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors for terms of two years from the date of appointment. Members of the Commission previously appointed to serve a four year term shall complete their current term of office. Thereafter, any re-appointment to the Commission shall be for a two year term.

    (e) The Board of Supervisors shall designate one member of the Commission to serve as chair, and the Board of Supervisors may change that designation if it chooses to do so.

    (f) Any member of the Commission may be removed for good cause shown by majority vote of the Board of Supervisors, but only after the Board of Supervisors has given the member a statement, in writing, of the reasons for such removal and an opportunity to be heard before a public session of the Board of Supervisors.

    (g) No member of the Commission, while serving, shall become a candidate for election to public office; nor shall any serving Commissioner be an officer in any organization which actively sponsors and works for the election of candidates to public office.

    (h) The Civil Service Commission's staff shall include an Executive Director. (7-87-3; 26-98-3; 35-05-3.)