§ 3-1-6. Human Resources Director, responsibility and function  

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  • (a) The Human Resources Director shall serve as head of the Department of Human Resources.

    (b) The Human Resources Director shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

    (1) To give leadership and to issue procedural instructions and interpretations of this ordinance and Personnel Regulations to department heads and other officials to ensure that the personnel function is administered in accordance with law, regulations and sound principles of public personnel management. To ensure compliance with equal employment opportunity laws and regulations. To stimulate all supervisory personnel to use the most effective methods of utilization and coordination of employee abilities and skills.

    (2) To conduct open competitive assembled, unassembled or other types of examinations for all original appointments in the competitive service and promotional examinations for all promotional appointments in the competitive service. To conduct appropriate examinations for original and promotional appointments for certain exempt positions, including all project positions and any other exempt positions for which the appointing authority requests such examinations. To publicize all competitive examinations. To recruit qualified personnel for the County's competitive service; provided, that in formulating examinations appointing authorities shall be consulted concerning their personnel requirements and the qualifications necessary to perform the work. With the concurrence of the County Executive and subject to the availability of appropriated funds, to offer monetary awards, up to but not exceeding $5,000.00, or five percent of the employee's annual salary, whichever is greater, to current County employees for referring qualified applicants for critical vacant positions in the County service who are subsequently hired and remain in such positions for such period of time as determined by the Director of Human Resources and to successful applicants for such critical positions who remain employed in such period of time as determined by the Director of Human Resources.

    (3) To establish and as necessary to maintain eligible lists, based on such examinations, for each class of positions in the competitive service to which appointments are to be made when, in the opinion of the Human Resources Director, the volume of appointments warrants the establishment and maintenance of such lists.

    (4) With the approval of the County Executive, to enter into agreements with other public personnel departments or agencies (local, regional, state or federal) for the joint administration of examinations and the joint use of eligible lists resulting therefrom.

    (5) To maintain the Position Classification Plan and to prepare and recommend to the County Executive amendments to the Plan.

    (6) To maintain the Compensation Plan and to prepare and recommend to the County Executive amendments to the Plan.

    (7) To administer the Position Control and Payroll System.

    (8) To maintain a roster of central personnel records for all employees in the competitive and exempt services which shall specify as to each such person the class title of all positions held; the current salary or pay rate; any changes in class title, salary or pay; records of performance evaluations, formal disciplinary actions, commendations or awards; and such other data as may be deemed useful or significant in the development of a career service.

    (9) To direct and enforce the maintenance by all departments of the County of such personnel records of employees in the competitive service as he or she shall prescribe, and to specify the kinds of personnel records to be kept by other public agencies for which the Department of Human Resources provides personnel administration services in accordance with § 3-1-1(c)(2) of this Article.

    (10) To certify approved appointments and ensure that no payments shall be made to any person through the payroll system unless so certified.

    (11) To assist department heads in developing systematic programs of in-service training for members of the competitive service, for the purpose of bettering their performance and of qualifying them when practicable for consideration when vacancies occur in the service of the County.

    (12) To develop and administer a system of employee performance evaluation and to make information about individual employee performance available to appointing authorities when requested in connection with selection of personnel for appointment, promotion, training, assignment, or other personnel actions and to the Civil Service Commission when requested in connection with appeals or grievance hearings.

    (13) To coordinate employee relations.

    (14) To provide and administer a grievance system as required by State law, and to investigate alleged violations of this Ordinance, Personnel Regulations and other laws and regulations applicable to personnel administration with the Fairfax County Government.

    (15) To develop and administer employee health, safety and welfare activities.

    (16) To confer with the Employees Advisory Council and to cooperate with that council in provision of voluntary recreational, welfare, educational and related activities for the benefit of employees.

    (17) To investigate the operation and effect of this Article, and any amendments thereto hereafter adopted by the Board of Supervisors and the Personnel Regulations adopted thereunder, and report his or her findings and recommendations to the County Executive at least annually.

    (c) The Human Resources Director shall administer all employee benefits programs which may be established by ordinance, under the Personnel Regulations or by a plan adopted by resolution of the Board of Supervisors, unless some other officer, employee, or entity is specifically designated to do so.

    (1) The term "Employee Benefits Program" shall include, but is not limited to group medical insurance and group term life insurance, and all benefit options offered under a "cafeteria plan" under U.S. Internal Revenue Code § 125, which may be adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

    (2) The Human Resources Director is specifically delegated the authority, with respect to any employee benefit program established by a plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors by resolution, to make such changes in the benefit options and conditions offered as may be in the interest of the County and its employees, within the limits of funds appropriate and available for such purposes; provided however, no such change shall be of any effect until approved by the Board of Supervisors. In any event, any such change which requires a change in the salary reduction amount under a duly enacted "cafeteria plan" under I.R.C. § 125 shall be of no effect until an appropriate amendment has been made to the Compensation Plan.

    (d) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code to the contrary, and in addition to any other provisions thereof, the Board authorizes, subject to the availability of appropriated funds, the payment of monetary incentives, awards and bonuses to employees in the County service for exceptional services rendered by employees. Such incentives, awards or bonuses may not exceed $5,000.00, or five percent of the employee's annual salary whichever is greater. Such incentives, awards and bonuses may be offered and paid for such exceptional services as defined in the procedural directives issued by the County Executive or his/her designee, including, but not necessarily limited to, any or all of the following purposes:

    (1) Individual incentive awards,

    (2) Special recognition awards,

    (3) Work group/excellence awards,

    (4) Certification/proficiency attainment bonuses,

    (5) Organization-wide awards,

    (6) Outstanding performance awards,

    (7) Managerial excellence awards,

    (8) Departmental honors awards,

    (9) Peer awards,

    (10) Spot incentives/awards,

    (11) Suggestion awards, and

    (12) Lead worker incentives

    The Human Resources Director shall administer the incentive award and bonus program. The types of incentives, awards and bonuses and the types of exceptional services for which they may be granted, the amount of particular incentives, awards and bonuses, and the selection criteria and process for particular incentives, awards and bonuses shall be set forth in the procedural directives issued by the County Executive. (7-87-3; 26-98-3; 17-01-3; 35-05-3.)