§ 3-1-2. County service and divisions thereof  

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  • (a) The County service shall be divided into an exempt service and a competitive service. Exempt employees shall not be appointed to positions in the competitive service except through the competitive process specified in this Article and in Personnel Regulations. A member of the exempt service may become a member of the competitive service only through appointment to a position in the competitive service through the competitive selection process specified in this Article and in the Personnel Regulations. Thus, service in the exempt service shall not by itself permit an employee to become a member of the competitive service.

    (b) The following employees shall constitute the exempt service.

    (1) The County Executive, County Attorney, deputy county executives, assistant county executive, executive assistants to the County Executive, department heads appointed after July, 1987 and office staffs of members of the Board of Supervisors.

    (2) Employees who are engaged under contracts.

    (3) Employees appointed under the provisions of the procedural directives governing the exempt service with hours limited to 1560 in one calendar year if employed in an exempt-benefits-eligible position, or 900 in one calendar year if employed in an exempt-temporary position.

    (4) Employees administered pursuant to an agreement executed in accordance with § 3-1-(c)(2) of this Article, provided that they are designated exempt in such an agreement.

    (5) Assistant registrars and all election officials employed by the Electoral Board.

    (6) Employees who are providing services pursuant to requirements contracts such as fee class instructors.

    (c) The County Executive shall issue procedural directives, with the approval of the Board of Supervisors, for administration of the exempt service. Only such provisions of this Article and of Personnel Regulations, which specifically state that they are applicable to exempt employees, or which are made applicable through procedural directives provided herein, shall apply to the exempt service.

    (d) All other employees to whom this Article applies are in the competitive service, except as otherwise provided by state law or regulation. They shall be appointed, promoted, demoted, transferred or dismissed solely on the basis of merit and fitness in accordance with the provisions of this Article and Personnel Regulations. (7-87-3; 32-89-3; 10-92-3; 26-98-3; 35-05-3; 15-11-3.)