§ 2-2-4. Property seized by police; applicability of Sections 2-2-1 to 2-2-6  

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  • Nothing in Sections 2-2-1 to 2-2-6 shall be held to require the Chief of Police to take possession of or to make disposition of any lost or stolen property, the disposition or possession of which is otherwise provided for by law, and none of the provisions of Sections 2-2-1 to 2-2-6 shall apply to pistols, revolvers, derringers, Bowie knives, dirks, slingshots, metallic knuckles or other deadly weapons of like character, but all such weapons shall be disposed of in accordance with Va. Code Ann. § 15.2-1721.

(9-11-57, § 3; 1961 Code, § 17-10; 12-78-2; 02-14-2.)