§ 6. Plan for forest pest control services.  

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  • The forest pest infestation control program implemented in the Service District will be an Integrated Pest Management Program which shall use, but shall not be limited to, resources provided by the Service District, as well as federal and state agencies. The purposes of the forest pest infestation control program are to minimize tree defoliation and mortality due to infestations of gypsy moths, cankerworms and other pests identified by the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and to minimize hazards to the environment from forest pest infestation treatment. The program will be an annual operation with the following major elements: identification of tree-damaging infestations through forest pest monitoring; development of a plan to suppress tree-damaging infestations using appropriate mechanical, biological, and/or chemical means annually; provision of suppression information to County citizens; and spot treatment of tree-damaging infestations as needed.

    The County forest pest infestation control program will include and incorporate the Cooperative Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Participation Guidelines for localities conducting aerial treatment which are promulgated and published on an annual basis by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The County will employ only those insecticides which are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and which are sanctioned for use by the United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Treatment with biological and chemical insecticides is on a voluntary basis. Citizens not desiring to participate can notify the Fairfax County Forest Pest Program Office in writing following receipt of notification of proposed treatment. The County forest pest infestation control program also may include local integrated pest management suppression strategies, (i.e. supplemental treatment, use of parasites, use of pheromones), which shall be outlined in the description of the County's annual forest pest infestation control program. This program shall be submitted for prior approval to the Board of Supervisors on an annual basis. A copy of the State guidelines in effect for a given year shall be submitted annually to the Board of Supervisors.

    Citizen self-help will emphasize the following elements. In the summer and fall citizens are encouraged to participate in the Gypsy Moth Egg Mass Search, Scrape, and Destroy Campaign which is aimed at locating egg masses, reporting egg mass counts to the Forest Pest Program Staff, and destroying egg masses as possible. In the spring, citizens are encouraged to participate in a burlap banding campaign which is aimed at destroying gypsy moth caterpillars. Additionally, the Forest Pest Program Staff will provide technical assistance to citizens and citizen organizations who desire to conduct private infestation treatment on their land. Public education will be a continuous part of the program. It will provide information about infestations and methods to minimize the effects of infestations to all citizens in the Service District. (28-03-I.)